Lesson 1. Build Your Dojo

Room Setup Tutorial

Become a Kung-Fu Master in 6 easy steps!

1. Build Your Dojo

Room Setup Tutorial

2. Advanced Calibration Mode

How to fix issues

3. Power Punch

Learn to use the Power Punch for combat and movement.

4. Ground Shaker

5. Time Stop

Harness the power of time itself!

6. Lightning

Bring down thunder from the skies!

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all - remember to set your PlayStation®Eye to wide angle view!

  • Turn the lens angle selector towards the right to the blue lens angle indicator until you hear a click.
  • This reduces the playing distance considerably compared to the other setting.

How much space do I need to play?

  • You need about 2.5 x 3 meters of space to play comfortably if you are adult size. The smaller you are, the less distance you need to fit inside the camera view.

How much light do I need?

  • The better lighting you have the better. But the PSEye is rather good at picking up light and works even in dimmer conditions. The lighting should be clearly stronger than the light that your tv casts from its image. Also, try to make the lighting even if you can (fall evenly on the playing area).

How do I place the camera?

  • Best places to but the camera are on top of your tv or in front of it. If it doesn't stay stable, try a different spot or even use a piece of tape to make it stand rigidly.
  • Point the camera so that your feet are right at the lower edge of the camera view while you fit inside the view fully by holding your hands a bit above your head. The game instructs you how to do this with a reference image on top of the camera view during the setup.

How can I make the background removal work well?

  • For best functioning, you should have some color difference between your background and your clothes (so that you stand out from the background in the camera image). Bright against bright works well but try to avoid dark against dark as then the camera wont be able to see well. There are good setup tips and instructions in the game.
  • If you have a black sofa and dark clothes, you can e.g. turn the camera to point off the sofa and play a bit from the side or wear clothes that stand out better from the background.
  • Here a bit of setup effort will pay off as a better playing experience!

Does Kung-Fu LIVE support the Move controllers?

  • Where as Kung-Fu LIVE makes a unique game experience available for all PSMove owners, it requires only the PSEye camera (comes with the PSMove) to play. We wanted to keep the player's hands free and allow you to move freely and as fast and frantically as you like.
  • Kung-Fu LIVE works for anyone who have the PSEye camera and expands the hand based controls of the PSMove by introducing also full-body tracking with kicks, jumps and even jumps kicks to the available interactions.

Is there a multiplayer mode?

  • Yes, up to 4 people can control the enemy characters with gamepads to challenge the camera player and give him a good beating. This one is great fun for parties or playing with the family.

Can I use objects as weapons in the game?

  • Yes. Items you hold scan into the game and you can use them for hitting the enemies. The game will make very long items shorter in-game.
  • Tip: If you go weapon heavy, the best way to do it is using the Mayhem Designer custom fight and alter the Movement options to boost your movements a bit less. Normally the movement boosting is high and best set for barehanded fighting. You can also make your enemies slower of faster from there. There is something quite satisfying in making them slower and beating a large bunch in slow motion. This may not be very fair towards your enemies, but its good fun.

How deep is the gameplay?

  • There are three difficulty levels to choose from. On easy, the enemies do not block much and are easy to beat just by being active.
  • On medium and hard difficulty levels, you need to pay more attention to the gameplay mechanisms to be successful. On these difficulties, the enemies block often. You can increase your chances by alternating your attacks: attack to different locations on the enemy, use powers and make different attacks, e.g. air attacks.
  • If you dodge the enemy's attack you get an opening in his defences: make a fast counter attack and he won't be able to block it. After landing a hit, alternate your attacks to quickly land more and you will build up a combo, where each attack is stronger than the previous one.

I sometimes get blotches of background visible next to me. What should I do?

  • Remember this at all times: Walking from side to side in the camera view will clean possible issues on the background at any time. The game relearns the background from the areas that are further away from the player. Thus, just walk away from the area of issues and walk back again and the background should be fixed.
  • If you cannot avoid e.g. strong shadows behind you, increasing the pattern tolerance and/or shadow removal should help (from the advanced calibration mode)

What can the advanced calibration mode do for me?

  • The advanced calibration mode is a powerfull tool. Using it, I have been able to play the game well even in the most challenging environments. And it is easier to use than it looks ;).
  • General tips for using it:
  • Pattern tolerance is the most powerfull parameter. Increase this if areas of background are visible. Tuning this together with color tolerance gives best results (one lower the other one higher, see which way works best in your environment).
  • Usually there are strong shadows on the floor. Either point the camera so that you feet are e.g. cut at your ankless or increase 'foot shadow removal' until the shadows disappear but your feet are still visible.
  • If you have dark background and dark clothes, you may either try to use clothes that stand out better from the background or try to turn the camera to manual mode and increase exposure until the camera sees difference between the background and your clothes. Note: changing exposure requires you to walk from side to side to rereset the background.

Are there aerobic side effects to playing this game?

  • Yes! It certainly melts that Christmas ham, turkey and chocolate nicely! :)
  • Disclaimer: playing this game can make you seriously fit! Any resulting six packs are unintentional.

How long is the story campaign?

  • Depending on the chosen difficulty level, the campaign takes about 2 to 6 hours to play through.
  • Be sure to try also the other game modes: custom fights, epic survival modes and playing with your friends/family in the multiplayer mode.

I look blurry in the comics. Why is this?

  • Adding more lighting may make you look sharper.
  • Also, we have noticed that some PSEye cameras are slightly out of focus. From our 20 cameras, we have 4 such cases. I don't know why this is, perhaps they have taken a hit or something. However, you can see if your camera is out of focus e.g. by going to camera setup step (where you see the whole camera view) and by slightly rotating the lense and seeing if that makes the details in the image look sharper. If it does, I have either forced the lense to stay there with tape or changed my camera.

The game keeps showing a screen that says "PlayStation®Eye camera not found", even though my camera is connected.

  • Make sure you have the PlayStation®Eye camera. Kung-Fu LIVE does not support the older EyeToy camera.
  • Try completely disconnecting the PlayStation®Eye, waiting a second, then reconnecting it.
  • If this does not solve the issue, your PlayStation®Eye may be broken. Contact your retailer for a possible replacement.